we were meant to be known

This is a birthday heavy week, you guys. In addition to my brother-in-law’s birthday on the 11, and Nikki’s on the 12, today is none other than Ms Corelyn’s birthday.


I love this photo of us, because look at our faces! True love, you guys.

Corelyn is the only OTHER person that can boss me around like Nikki can. She’s reasonable (except when I need her to make a cake with me at midnight), she’s always game for anything (even after saying no, we cannot make more cookies, she’ll pull out the whisk and dive right in), and she is pretty much the best person to hang out with, whether in the kitchen or watching television or traipsing around Los Angeles (or the country.)

Sometimes, I think the only reason that GMS works is because Corelyn knows how to rein me in, refocus me, and because we genuinely, truly are best friends. If we liked each other even the SLIGHTEST bit less, GMS would fall apart at the seams.

We have been together through thick and thin, through good and bad, and we have spent the past nearly 5 years constantly emailing, texting, calling, Gchatting, and carrier pigeon-ing each other. We survived her move away, and back. She’s my person. When we’re not busy convincing people we’re not lesbians (running a blog together makes it hard to take photos, you guys, and we often end up looking longingly at each other) we’re hanging out in a crowd, probably talking to each other, or telling someone a story about each other.

This has become cheesier than I meant it to be, but I think that sometimes friendship love is the love that’s the most unsung: family is a given, and relationships depend on constant acts of love, but friends are beat up emotionally nearly on the regular, and are expected to just take it as part of the friendship, without much appreciation, gratitude, or, well, love.

S0, Corelyn, I love you. And I am sorry because you’re probably now crying. I am, too. I am so glad you were born into this world, where we could meet and become best friends, so that we could be known to this universe. I hope that today is the best day, and tomorrow is even better, and so on, infinity.

Truly, thank you, for being my best friend.

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just want to stay up high in the sky

Happy Wednesday, y’all. Tonight’s the full moon, so I am sitting around waiting for Jeff and Corelyn to arrive so we can go get pizza and watch Moonstruck.

moonstruck_cher_nicholas cage


You guys, if you haven’t seen it, you’ve gotta watch it. It’s hysterical, it reminds me of everyone in my family, and it has all the best quotes in the world.

Here’s a peak into the movie. I laugh pretty much the entire time, because I know what’s coming and because it is so.freaking.funny. Not to mention, how cute was Nick Cage at 24? The answer is so very cute.

Anyways, this has brewing for months and months, where EVERY MONTH during the full moon I proclaim loudly that we should immediately go home, watch Moonstruck, and laugh our faces off. We’re always on our way to something, or somewhere, or it’s 11 pm when I finally realize the moon is full. So last month on the full moon, I made a date with Corelyn (who has never seen the movie) to watch it the next full moon, no matter what.

Well folks, that night is tonight, and we must do what’s expected.

I am off to watch Cher fall in love, hopelessly. (BRING ME THE BIG KNIFE.)

Love has surely shifted my way

After near-radio silence, I’m happy to announce we have a venue, and a date for the Hayford/Palluzzi wedding!

After much research, we’ve decided on Kinney Bungalow in Narragansett, RI.


I fell in love with this location when we were searching, because of its history, its name, its tie to the West Coast, its distance from the ocean, the fact that it is next to a farm…pretty much everything about it. I was happy to find it was free for September 27, 2014, our now-official wedding date!

Thank you to Lauren for actually heading to Rhode Island to check out the venue and confirm that she could see Jeff and I getting married here. Now comes the rest of the planning, details from the caterer to the dress to the flowers.

I am the worst wedding planner you guys, following in Nikki’s footsteps. Luckily I’ve had Corelyn and Jeff around (who are excellent planners) to keep me on task, and there has been emergency chocolate (sorry, Mary!) and movies and wine after both planning sessions.

I think now that we have a date and a venue, I will be on better behavior, and planning might even be fun from now on! No more lying on the floor proclaiming I am sending a proxy to get married to Jeff, or deciding that I don’t care where I get married, as long as it meets one hundred insane standards I’ve set for no reason.

Here goes nothing, everyone! (438 days to go!)

baby you’re the only light i ever saw

Can I tell you something that I’ve been excited about but haven’t been able to quantify just yet?

You guys, Corelyn is moving back to Los Angeles. Tomorrow.

I know, I know, I haven’t been bursting with joy, putting it all over this blog and GMS and blowing up Facebook, because it hasn’t felt real.

But on Friday night, as I double boiled chocolate at 12:36 am, it all came back: Corelyn is moving here. Now. Tomorrow.

So, about a year and a half ago, I left this pretty face in an airport in Tennessee, trying not to be dramatic and cry. I saw her again in November for our favorite holiday, and once this past spring in VA. And soon, again, I will get to see this pretty face all of the time.

I cannot wait for more smiles like this one, more hiking and frolicking and eating and sunny sunny days. It reminds me of that time a Ms. Megan left and returned. Because LA draws ’em back. Back to the sunshine, the family, the light, the surf, and the mountains.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t so excited I could jump up and down for an hour and still not stop. I can’t wait until we spend afternoons at the farmer’s market, cooking delicious food, watching television, talking about nothing, walking the city streets, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and just generally being Jennie + Corelyn and the world. Sound like a sappy love story? Well, it mostly is.

Welcome Back, missy. We’ve missed you.