Ain’t No Gift Like the Present Tense



In case you didn’t know, because I am vastly behind on my writing, we got a puppy you guys! Her name is Luna, and we’re completely smitten with her little face. She and the kittens are getting along swimmingly so far, and we can’t wait until they’re all a year and older so that we can breathe a sigh of relief for keeping them happy and healthy and out of trouble.

Puppies are a bunch of hard work, as are the kitties, but I feel like it’s all worth it when she snuggles up at night and goes crazy when we get home just because she’s happy to see us. It’s like all the emotions you normally feel when you see someone you really love expressed physically – and that’s something really special.

Luna | Providential LifeJeff is currently on an around the world trip for work, and having these three little monsters relying on me is pretty insane, I won’t lie. Luckily, we have INCREDIBLE friends who are helping out with Luna Bella – people watching her when I have previously-planned events, checking in on her at lunch when I can’t because I work too far away, and just generally being gung-ho about stopping by to see her little mug.


Luna | Providential Life

So here we are – a year into having our house with three little ones and full hearts. It’s like where we were meant to be and yet something I never expected, all at the same time.
Luna | Providential Life

Welcome home, little Luna. We’re glad you’re here.

she always licks my elbow.

I’ve been hanging with Cooper a lot, lately. She comes up at the sound of the first click of dishes, first just her nose, then her front paws, and finally she’s sitting behind me, hoping something will drop.

She doesn’t like the vacuum cleaner, or the sound of the mixer. She doesn’t mind the heat of the open oven. She does not eaten fallen green beans. She sits, waiting, like a toddler in a diaper, as C observed.

She tumbles after Jeff when he gets home, diverting her attention from the kitchen for a moment to see if he’s brought anything worthy of her. From the bedroom, I can hear paws tapping across the wood.

She will lick your elbows, or your knees, or whatever is in front of her. Then she’ll stand, expectedly, waiting for you to pat her head. And, you will.

Then, she’ll go sit from her watch post on the back porch, next to the tomatoes, surveying the neighborhood, and keeping the peace.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.54.34 PM

recedes in the nights of good-bye

Today, I am saddened to inform you, our beloved Dark Star Garcia passed away. Star was our dog from when we lived on 4 Clover Road, who moved with us from Connecticut to Michigan to Chicago. She was my best friend for a while, sleeping in my bed every night, following me around the house.


We loved our Star, who was so small that she made Bailey, our golden retriever, think she was a lap dog too (which she most certainly is not.)

Star was the Queen of the Pets, and everybody knew it. She looked a lot like a little Ewok, and though she was sort of ugly, we thought she was adorable just the same.

DSCF1663DSCF2882 DSCF2886

Even Lauren, who mostly hates dogs, loved Star! And who can blame her – look how cute she is!

DSCF4739Star, you lived a long, wonderful life, and we’ll miss your little face. Hope that doggy heaven is all it’s cracked up to be, and that Josh and Iko are hanging around, too.