shifting energies

I’m done with pumping as of yesterday. It’s sucked up so much energy during the day for the past months while I balance work and home life, and after my surgery, my supply was down. It seemed like a natural point – Ollie’s 10 months tomorrow – to just nurse morning and night. With Evie, I nursed four-ish times a day until she started daycare at a year; but once she started going, I didn’t pump to make up for it. I nursed her until two and a half, well into our global pandemic life, and would be happy to do the same with Ollie. But the pumping multiple times a day while trying to work a meeting heavy job is not for me anymore. And that’s ok. Balancing combo feeding (aka some formula and some breastmilk) is what works for us. And so, we shift energy to other things.

One thought on “shifting energies

  1. You’re such a tremendous, powerful mama. Noah sort of weaned himself around 10 months also – and it was sad to lose that experience but you’re right, SO MUCH energy back. Even just bringing the pump everywhere (especially to and from work) was so draining (pun intended just a little bit).

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