Things I've learned about myself.


I have friends in town this week. And I have learned the following things:

1. I need 8 hours of sleep a night, and if I don’t get it, I am exhausted and tired and cranky.

2. I love to rock climb, beach or no beach.

3. I love the ocean, and sandwiches with chick peas and avocado.

4. I want to live on a street called Citrus.

5. I love yoga.

6. Nature is my soul.


Eco Chic: Bring the environment to my urban life.

I love the city. I love living amongst lots of people, seeing events taking place a block from my house, enjoying 24 hour marts for those “just in case” days, and always having something to do somewhere, for free, for cheap, for a lot, for birthdays, holidays, any days, rainy days, etc. I loved Boston, I love L.A. (although could do without the smog) and I can’t imagine living anywhere but in a bustling metropolis.

That said, I also love nature: hammocks hung between the branches of an old tree, corner stores that close at six p.m., back yards with pools, gardens, fire pits, a place for the dog to run, a place for the inner child to come alive. I love driving through the country and seeing nature at its finest, indulging in a hummingbird’s momentary rest, whistling to the chickadees, spending time in the car stopped next to a herd of deer. I love gardens with tomatoes, eggplants, squash, sunflowers, and the occasion berry patch. I love eating something I’ve helped grow, along with some lemonade squeezed fresh and a hot dog, for good measure.

This past weekend, I decided to start small on an attempt to bring the ecourban lifestyle to my apartment. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? I have a large ledge behind my kitchen sink, and for the longest time it held planets my friend Ki had given to me when she moved to nature in the North. They died when I went home for Christmas, and I decided that piles of dead planets in my home weren’t quite the ecourban chic I was going for.


So I took the existing pots:


And I got some fancy soil and some gloves:


And I took note of the planet I already have, Mr. Potato:



And I soaked the soil for 1/2 hour, and cleaned the bathroom while I waited for the lady bug to ring…


And then, I stuck a match (from a matchstick garden kit) into each pot.


And now, we’re waiting for my garden to show me how it grows…We’ll see, we’ll see…


5 Good Things.


Everyone has bad days. Days they wish they were on the beach in a fabulous hat with a friend to tell their woes to. Sometimes these are Mondays. Sometimes not. Today is a Monday. And a tired day. Not a terrible day, just a tired day.

When I have bad days, my friend K always makes me tell her 5 good things. She’s not here, she’s being a snow bunny somewhere and drinking cocoa. So I am here to tell you the 5 good things, to make myself realize that tired days can be good days, too.

1. I can see blue sky out of my office window, which means the weather is finally clearing up.

2. I have friends in town, who I love, and they are amazing and wonderful and I am so glad I get to see them.

3. It is almost March. Which is almost Spring. Which is wonderful.

4. Jeff is finally feeling better after having a pinched nerve for a few days. We can now both rest easy.

5. I have a job, and a house, and a steady source of income, and a partner. That’s almost five in itself.

Dream Post 8: A witch and a baby.


I was in my house and I was pregnant and another couple was there and I was having stomach pains and my husband (Jeff?) check my temperature and I had a fever so we called the doctor and apparently my baby was dead but then he did all these things to make it alive one of which was cut a hole below my left breast with a saw with no numbing but I didn’t end up feeling it.

Then my baby was still dead but I was convinced it was alive and my husband was going through all the things he could have done wrong to kill the baby and my mom and I were trying (silently?) to convince him he didn’t do anything wrong.

Then there was a witch and she was going to kill me and take my baby and she said I could destroy whatever I wanted in my house and there were certain things I could kill to get back at her and I tried to figure out the right things but I was having a hard time figuring it out, and then she told me to jump out a window and the left was something and the right was something so I jumped out of the right and I don’t know if that was the right one or not but then she was laughing. So then I had to watch as my husband came back and I was gone and it turns out he was planning with this witch (I think he was under a spell) and they were trying to rid my things of the house, and meanwhile he slowly forgot who I was.

The end.

Dream Post 7: Bonus Dream

I found this dream recorded on my desktop. Enjoy a bonus round.

I had a dream. I was on the T with Jeff going home from somewhere on a street that looked like San Francisco. I was getting to the T and the Red Sox were playing so everyone was asking how to get to the game. I was telling people how to get there and this one kid was like “No, that’s not how you get there” and I was liike “YES.” And he wasn’t even from the city. then we get to the T and Jeff’s gone and I am waiting for the T and the kid is like “Want a ride?” and he has a car and even know he was a tool I was like “sure” and so he’s driving me into the city and its raining and we’re driving across a bridge that is just the road and nothing else and he hydroplanes a little into the water and I’m like “slow down please and don’t kill us” and then he’s like “yea sorry i’ll be careful” and then he hydroplanes again and crashes our car into the water.

Then I wake up and I’m in the car getting to my house. Someone helps me out and then I’m inside and I can’t figure out how to work the phone and all I want to do is call Jeff and I can’t for some reason.

My dad calls and says they are on the way home, and then I am with someone and they’re telling me to calm down but I just want Jeff.

Then I’m at a mall talking to someone who is my youth leader asking them about my injuries and what happened because I can’t remember anything from before to the day of the accident and she’s reassuring me I’ll be OK.

Secretly, in my mind, I know that I am not going to get to go to China now.