New hair, new music, new me.


I got my hair cut. I needed a change, but I wanted to keep my hair long, so I cut it with layers to make me wear it down and stop feeling like my head is always wet.

This man named Tony cut it. He was very nice, and very good. He took the entire top layer of my hair, twisted it around as though he were going to put it into a clip, and cut half of it off.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack. But my hair looks great, so there you go.

Here it is:


In other news–new lyrical lovahs:

Brett Dennen (new album)

Third Eye Blind (new EP)

Sister Hazel (kick it back to the 90s)

Hootie & The Blowfish

Matt Nathanson

Here I am. Watch me climb.

This is a photo of me bouldering. (Which I love to do, in case you didn’t know.) That basically means you climb a rock wall (inside or outside) up to 10 feet high, but you’re not tied into a rope, so if you fall you fall onto a mat (or the ground.)

This is after I spent a long day climbing. But it was still pretty fun. Enjoy.


And I got to admit, you've got my attention…

Alright, I’m sorry. It’s been a busy week here in Admissions land, and I can’t seem to find a free second to update! I apologize. Here’s something shiny and pretty to look at while I continue to ignore my own life and focus on my job!


Did you know there was a solar eclipse? Look here…

Dream Post: 3 (Ballroom dancing and a funeral.)

This dream was the night before last.

I am at a funeral with my coworkers R, B, and EL. I am not sure who it is for, but we’re all sad. Then, we were in a big hall, still at the funeral, and my coworker R was like, “Jennie, we need to ballroom dance.” So we start dancing, only I don’t know the steps, and I am messing up, and I am a bad partner. And he is like, “It’s ok, let me lead.” So then I am dancing and dancing, and I wake up, and think, that was weird. But I am at work, so I said, “Ry, I had this dream, and you were there, and we were at a funeral, and we were…” and R says, “Ballroom dancing?” And starts dancing with me…

Then I woke up.


Dream Post: 2

I had another weird dream, before that other dream, but I wanted to post it so I don’t forget.

I was with my friends, and we were in my house (my parent’s house) and we were hanging out, and my dad told me my parents were getting divorced. So APPARENTLY that meant that we had to go to Florida, where my dad was moving. My dad was like, let’s go visit Florida, oh, wait, we’re staying. So then we’re in Florida, and I am really upset because I don’t have any of my stuff, so I decide I needed to leave. So I start walking, and call my friend Lauren who is going to drive me to the airport. Well, she was with her friend K, and her baby, and so I start walking and come to a HUGE bridge. And the only pedestrian way to get across the bridge is to crawl through one of those kids tunnels that look like:

tunnelBut the bridge is like a mile across. So I am crawling through the tunnel, but about 3/4 of the way across, I realize that the pedestrian bridge does not connect to the airport bridge, so I go to turn around. At this point, Lauren calls and says she’s headed to the bridge. So I turn around, and the bridge turns into a slide-ish ride, and so I am sliding to the beginning, and there are all these people in the tunnel, and each person has a sign around their neck. The signs have dog breed written on them, and each person falls according to how big or small their dog is. Apparently it was a science experiment. So the tunnels are twisty and turny, and I am sliding but the whole structure is also bouncy, like a moon-bounce. So I am passing all these people-representing-dogs, and they are all bouncing everywhere. Finally, I get to the beginning of the tunnel and I am met by Lauren in her car, but I know I am not going to make the plane, and she does too. So we walk over to K’s car, where baby and her are hanging out.

Then I woke up.

This was 2 nights BEFORE the plane-crashing dream.