Sand + Summer // Summer 2014

This summer is about getting to the beach. It’s about being in the sun, listening to music, finishing crosswords and reading all the books and learning how to go slow. It’s about swimming and exercising and tiring yourself out and feeling healthy. It’s about avocados and popsicles and all the snacks. It’s about being.

  1. XO – John Mayer
  2. The Great Unknown – Jukebox the Ghost
  3. Maps – Maroon 5
  4. Oceans – Coasts
  5. Rude – Magic!
  6. Shake – The Heat and the Heart
  7. Headphones – Matt Nathanson
  8. Chandelier – Sia
  9. Palisades Park – Counting Crows
  10. Rescue – Yuna
  11. The Heart – Needtobreathe
  12. Summer in the City – Freedom Fry
  13. Sing – Ed Sheeran
  14. Something I Need – OneRepublic
  15. Gimme Something Good – Ryan Adams
  16. Back to the Earth – Jason Mraz
  17. Coins in a Fountain – Passenger
  18. Photograph – Ed Sheeran

Here’s a link to the playlist on Spotify:

i have the yoga police on speed dial.

We’re cruising into the fourth of July weekend and I am looking forward to a three day weekend of BBQs, beaches, and relaxation. I have gotten my wedding dress back where it belongs (in a shop, rather than my closet where it will almost certainly become ruined) and things are moving along swimmingly on the wedding front, so I am feeling ready for a summer filled with fun, preparation, cooking (always), and seeing some friends along the way.

Last night I went to yoga and worked, for an hour and a half, on my thigh muscles and psoas muscle. I love a vinyasa class, but I can’t help coming back time and again to Iyengar, which focuses on postures in yoga, really bringing your awareness to what your body is doing at the actual moment it’s doing it.

Iyengar is a great choice for me for when I’m being taught by a physical teacher instead of doing a video at home. My teachers keep me honest, make me work for a pose, make me understand where my body should be, and why, and how. I love learning alignment and I can pull that through to my home practice because I know how something should feel and that helps me get myself into poses I thought were unobtainable.

Last night, as I hung out in shoulder stand with my thighs activated and working to keep my legs straight, my yoga teacher Jay proclaimed, “Firm those thighs…I have the yoga police on speed dial.” I love that he keeps us laughing, working, committed, and aware that our bodies are on as good as we make them be. I love finding strength in myself I didn’t see, but that he did, all along.

This summer, I hope to make more advances in my yoga practice as I train for a 10k in the winter. I’ve always found that balancing between yoga and running makes me feel the best, because too much running is hard on my feet (too much yoga, I find, is never a problem.)

What are y’all’s favorite yoga types and classes? I am always looking to deepen my practice and I am open to suggestions!

I hope this weekend is full of getting outside, maybe some yoga at the beach, and definitely sunshine, sea, and delicious foods. Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!