and the beat goes on.

Last night I watched an episode of SVU where Benson and Stabler get kicked off a case because Benson is too attached and Stabler’s persistent support of Benson means he will look bad in front of the jury. “You’ve had Benson’s back for over a decade.”

They head out on the case anyways.


I put tights on this morning because I never wear pants when it’s raining (started in Boston so that my pant bottoms wouldn’t be wet ALL DAY when I was working at the toy store or I was sitting on my feet at KC’s kitchen table). I am wearing a dress.

I got to work, and realize my left toe is exposed. Run, found.


I solved the Rubik’s cube last night. Thrice.


I have new stainless steel breading pans.
Happy Valentine’s Day to me! JH is always look out for me (and for his fave, mozz sticks.)

Vegas was…

Two weekends ago we went to Vegas, and I realized that I never shared with you exactly how it went. Which was excellently.

Vegas was:

In the car, ready to go. Six in, five pm. On the road. Traffic, traffic, traffic. “Hey, you guys want to go to Outback Steakhouse?” A break early on. A cheers to a good trip. Back in the car, “Hey do you guys want to play a game?” Sitting on the dock of the bay, Eminem. On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair…Matt Nathanson pulling at my heartstrings. you wear white, and I’ll wear out the words ‘I love you’ and ‘you’re beautiful’.

Dunkin’ Donuts. Heart shaped donuts. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Two runs. “How could you go to the wrong Dunkin’ Donuts?” and “Just give him the muffins!” Pawn shop, just for the photos, and onwards to Target. Quick trips. Bathing suits, a discussion of clutches, and back into the car home. Make five sandwiches at once. Lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce. Tomato, tomato…In the bag, out the door, onto the strip. Bellagio show, oohs and ahhs and oh, mys.

Sandwiches on the go. On to the Chinese New Year display, the glass flowers, and the terrifying bunny. Screaming on account of said bunny. Pause for a photograph, and camera DOWN. Making plans on the fly, over to Paris to get an Eiffel Tower. Penny slots, bathrooms, a snack, some coffee. Some Eiffel Tower buzz. Back in the car, onto the Beatles Bar. Stop to chat with Kevin, who promises us we’ll get in just fine. Revolution, noituloveR. love. Photographs, photographs galore. Back to the car, to get ready for the evening.

Curling irons, straighteners, two bathrooms, seven girls, seven dresses. Tights, jackets, earrings, gold, silver, teal, red, ruffles, hair ties, makeup, cover up, foundation, mascara. Wait for it, wait for it….ready. Boys have been ready. Out the door, into the car, two in the back, to the strip! Dinner oh là là! C’est parfait! “Guys, I’m having a great time.” Cheers to our trip. A gluten free menu, delicious bread, surrounded by friends. Cheers to a birthday. A happy birthday dessert. “If you paired up everyone on earth with someone of the opposite sex…” and the argument that persists into the main course. Math to pay, out the door…

dance floor. Let’s get it started (in here). Dancing, dancing, dancing, “Have you met my friend?” and introductions as our own matchmaker scourges the club for suitors. But the club can’t even handle me right now/just dance (gonna be O.K.)/and tonight I’m ****ing you/don’t get fancy, just get dancey….and the DJ’s got us fallin’ in love/bottoms up/throw your hands up…and we’re IN the subwoofer…move to the front of the club, side of the club, find a friend, lose a friend, find another, chaos/go shorty, it’s your birthday/I’ve gotta feelin’…

four hours later, dance floor bumpin’ and it’s time to go. Lost wallet? Quick scan of the floor, nowhere to be seen, gotta go…3 am, in the car, consoling, because tonight’s gonna be a good night…to the hot tub. Lost some numbers, still four strong, and four a.m. comes, and time for bed.

wake. check out time, 20 minutes. Clean up, rally troops. Remember bits and pieces of last night. Move into other room. Leave four girls behind, head into bed with M and C. Snuggle. Boyfriend invasion, asking for coffee orders. God, I love this man. C orders two, but it’s her bday, so she can. Living room to hang out and watch basketball, and chat, and remember more bits and pieces…make some calls, find the city’s building, eat some donuts. Head to the police station, six in tow. Photogenic moment at the Council Chambers, misplaced green parking meter. a few minutes here, then onwards to the Mirage, for a lost card…looks like R isn’t the only one missing things…walking with the slowest security guard ever, into the secret hallways of the Mirage…card back, car full of laughter. “Who the **** is that?” on the radio, and an explanation of street vendors’ gossip.

Lions (no tigers or bears, oh my.) Meet at the lion. Lions, sleeping (18 hours a day!) and onto lunch. A hot dog, some ice cream, a bit of pizza, it sure is vacation. Back to the lion, meet at the lion, back to the hotel. Meet up with the pool crew, pack it up, head out. Twilight, dusk, and jumping photos are.a.must. “…and when i’m with you I feel like I could die and that would be all right” crank up the radio. Loading the cars, and S is on top of the SUV, and B is leaping gracefully through the photo, and everyone else is jumpin’ jumpin. If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe… Checking out, and in the car. Gas up the car, off to The Sign. Newly paved, new parking lot, they’re getting smart, walkie-talkie our locale, and it’s time for more jumpin’ jumpin’. We all smile. Dark now, ready for home, but not before one….or two….last pictures.

Hugs all around. Walkie-talkies passed out, and ready to go. Cars loaded, “Hey guys, do you want to play a game?” Chit-chatter, chit-chatter. “Hey guys, we’re going to stop at Outback Steakhouse in a few minutes, here.” Giggles, that won’t stop. Deliberation, change of plans, and…Chipotle. Eating quickly, still laughing, seemingly influenced, but completely not. Laughing, giggling, “Guys I’m having a great time.” Back in the car.

Chit, chat, chatter all. the. way. home. Squished, smeared kiss. One last photo opportunity. Laughs, and cleaning the car, and some hugs. Driving J home. One last hug. Back to bed, smiling. “I saw you spinning back in time…”

Best weekend ever.

Vegas was bliss.

Bits and pieces

This weekend I got a lot done. My accomplishments include cleaning my junk drawers, dusting my room, updating our rotating scrapbook, watching an episode of Lost, and filing, filing, filing.


Sunday I went to yoga with S. At the end of the class, S mentioned, “I’ve been thinking about becoming a vegetarian.”


I bought an apple-red dress for LDW’s wedding. It has sparkles.


I went to J.Crew. I returned N. Panda’s now not-bridesmaid dress.

“What is the reason for the return?” the woman asked.

“What is this?” C asked, holding up a piece of leather.

“It’s a dog collar. I think,” I said.

“It’s a bracelet,” the woman says.

“Oh. It. Looks like a dog collar. The bride changed her mind,” I said.

“About the dress, right. Just about the dress, right?” asked the male salesman.

“Yes, just about the dress,” I say.

He sighed a sigh of relief.

I maintain it was a dog collar.


In the middle of the yoga studio, I said, “I HATE vegetarians.” That is to say: I hate uneducated people who become vegetarians because it’s trendy. But I did not do a good job of explaining. Yoga students stared. I backpedaled.


C and I cooked chili. And corn muffins. C and I roasted a chicken.


I watched The King’s Speech. I watched The Fighter. I watched Practical Magic (for the millionth time.) I watched Inception.


I blogged. I cleaned out my inbox. I discovered a few new musicians.


I bought a new notepad. For Cucina Fresca recipes. More on that later.


I drank multiple pots of coffee. I snuggled Ellen. I snuggled Corelyn.


I started a dance party. (Gettin’ Jiggy with It…)


I slept until noon. I set no alarm. I was coyote.


I got a new toothbrush. It’s green. And recycled.


I ran a mile in 13 minutes. I am getting there.


I grocery shopped. twice.

At TJ’s we heard: “I’m kinda faded but I feel alright (thinkin’ ’bout makin’ my move tonight),” which was followed by a man agreeing with me that it was the best song ever. “The best song. Ever. Love this song,” he agreed.

This is why I never get anything done.

“There is a note on the board that says ‘Hard boil all eggs'” – Jeff

“Yes, its because the eggs go bad tomorrow according to package.” – me

“Well, so you’re going to hard boil them?” – Jeff

“Yes, I could also make you cookies, or a baked good, do you want me to?” – me

“What about brownies, could you make brownies?” – Jeff

“Yea, probably.” – me (proceed to look through cook book and see if I have enough chocolate)

“No, I don’t have enough to make a full recipe. I could make 1/3.”  – me

“Could I go to the store and get the ingredients you need?” – Jeff

“Yea, then I’ll make ‘um.” – me

“What, no, this is ridiculous. Hard boil the eggs, we should relax tonight.” – Jeff

“Ok.” – me

Proceed to boil the eggs, and rinse all the lettuce in the sink because it’s sandy. Jeff stands by, shaking head, coaxing me to sit down and relax.

Guys, I think I’m addicted to cooking.