Where my lunch time goes.

Today, I had roughly 30 minutes for lunch (part of which I am taking to write this!) before I had to run out for work-related errands. Rebecca had eaten lunch, so it was in front of my computer time!

What did I do?

1. Caught up on PW’s cooking blog.
2. Sent this recipe to Jeff, asking if he’d eat it.
3. Read about Matt’s Canada Sweepstakes.
4. Entered said sweepstakes.
5. Researched Immersion blenders, and lusted after this one.

6. Researched cream of potato soup, and emailed Jeff to ask him if this was indeed the soup he likes (I’m in a soup mood, can you tell?)
7. Finally learned to love Google blog search.
8. Found this recipe and this recipe for soup.
9.  Started to look at this, and then realized maybe for lunch it wasn’t a great idea. Bookmarked for later.
10. Ate lunch.

Think about what I could do in an hour! Speaking of which, I’ll be updating this blog later today too.


my heart still splashes in my chest

5gts, rolling into a weekend:

This photo reminds me of: fall, friends, Corelyn, the Pioneer Woman, and happiness. And how my photography used to be so.much.worse. Oh well, I move on.

1. Tonight I am getting my hair cut.

2. Tomorrow, I head to a drive in theater after making a delicious cake with Rebecca, after going to soccer to see my babies.

3. “Movin’ to October” Pandora is on, boasting Paul Simon, and James Taylor, and Josh Kelley, and Adele.

4. Zucchini bread for breakfast, Pasta fagioli for lunch, and a cake this afternoon = best Friday.

5. This post which was a year ago yesterday.