What's in season, you ask? Why, delicious things!

It’s no secret that I am mildly obsessed with “Real Simple” magazine. I am also obsessed with their website. What did I learn today? What is in season in Spring:

Green Beans
Snow, Sugar Snap, and Garden Peas
Baby Lettuce


Luckily for me, these are all things I love. Explore for yourself, here!

Egg sandwich. Delicious.

If you ever need a pick me up breakfast, I can help you. Here goes:

1. Take a tomato. Slice it. Take 2 slices of bread, toast them. Stack on one side.


2. Fry 2 eggs, and add some cheese.


3. Spread some pesto on one slice of the toast.Hopefully you have really garlicky pesto. That’s the best kind.


4. Put it together. Eat it. Brush teeth, because they may taste garlicky.


Cleaning out the closet: a lesson in "THROW IT AWAY."

This weekend, I did a little spring cleaning. I cleaned the kitchen, cleaned out the fridge (which seems to always have modly cheese in it), cleaned the bathroom, opened EVERY window in my house and watched the hair/dust balls roll around like tumbleweeds. Even though I had just swept. This has made me realize I need to buy a vacuum. Stat.

Meanwhile, I also cleaned out my closet this weekend. J and C helped, and I must say we were very successful. Most of the time I had to be CONVINCED to KEEP things. I know that K and SS will not believe this, but it is true.

The result? 2 garbage bags full of donation clothes. Including:

1. That ugly pink/white shirt (long sleeves) that fades from thread-bare to pink that K and SS both hated more than life;

2. Every pair of pants I was saving to fit into when I magically lose all the weight I’ve gained since I was 14;

3. Most of the t-shirts I owned from concerts that simply weren’t fitting. Sorry, Lifehouse and 3eb. I tried. Make bigger shirts;

4. That skirt that was every color under the sun (kind of plaid?) that I wore probably twice that SS and K also thought was weird;

5. Any t-shirt I haven’t wore in the past month;

6. Most of my pajamas except the ones that I also wear for yoga.

What did it not include? My Verve Pipe T-shirt (sorry K and SS, but I wanted it) and my Ben & Jerry’s t-shirt from Rhode Island I got when I was 13. Some things are meant to keep.

I feel better, but now I have no shorts for summer, and basically no clothes. And, before we even started, C and J both said, “I can’t believe these are all the clothes you have.” So there, girls from the East, see? I am out of clothes! I don’t have any! I swear!!

Next stop? Shopping with a group of ladies that know I am only allowed to buy practical items. We’ll see how it goes…