Ciclavia 2013: Downtown LA

This weekend, Jeff and I participated in Ciclavia, an event in LA dedicated to closing down roads and giving them over to bikers and pedestrians. We biked from Hollywood to Downtown LA, then all around from MacArthur Park to Chinatown to Grand Park to Mirachi Plaza.

We stopped at hubs along the way, snapping photos, eating delicious fare from the street trucks, and listening to some music in the park. All in all, we biked 16 miles around this lovely city, and really got to see what LA would be like if we dedicated just a LITTLE more space to pedestrians and bicycles.

It made me nostalgic for Boston and New York, and gave me hope that maybe someday more people will walk in LA without it being taboo. We even took the Metro home! Below, find some shots of our fun day out on the town!

DSC_7859 DSC_7882 DSC_7997 DSC_7978 DSC_8016 DSC_8025 DSC_8060 DSC_8141 DSC_8184 DSC_8232 DSC_8259More photos here. 


everyone has a tiny whitney houston inside of them.

It’s concert season, around these parts. Last week, I went with C and T to see Hanson, where I was not disappointed by great tunes, lots of old songs to groove too, and an usually comfortable venue AND crowd. This was one of the best Hanson shows I’ve been to (and I’ve been to six or seven.)


Then this past week, I got to see Matt Nathanson, who is always a delight in concert, moving his hips and making us clap, asking us to judge people around us who aren’t singing along.

Matt posits that there is a tiny Whitney Houston in everyone, and tiny Whitney needs to DANCE, so we sang “Dance with Somebody” and generally bopped around the floor of the Wiltern, singing as loud as we could and waving our heads around. This was hands down the best time I’ve seen Matt (this was the fourth time) because he has so many new fun songs, and “Modern Love” as an album really just screams “I AM A BLAST SING ME.”


I love concert season, because it means I get to get dressed up, go to a venue, sing and dance around and feel like I’m sixteen again at the Verve Pipe concert my Dad shuttled us to in Detroit circa 2002.

Up next, I’m hoping to see 3eb in December, and we’re going to Radio Lab Live in November, which while not a concert is still a live event that I can’t wait to be a part of.

Here’s to fall, concerts, live music, and tiny Whitney.