Baby I’d give you my world…

So last week when I was hanging with B (more about that later) and celebrating my new job at Amoeba, I stumbled upon the

Guys. If you know anything about me you know that I love 90s bands. And Fleetwood Mac is a new addition to the loves of my lives. So when I looked at this track list, I nearly fell over. FELL OVER. In AMOEBA. I’m not even joking.

Song List? Artists?

Second Hand News/Tonic
Never Going Back Again/Matchbox Twenty
Don’t Stop/Elton John
Go Your Own Way/Cranberries
Songbird/Duncan Sheik
The Chain/Shawn Colvin
You Make Loving Fun/Jewel
I Don’t Want to Know/Goo Goo Dolls
Oh Daddy/Tallulah
Gold Dust Woman/Sister Hazel

Can you seriously look at that and say it wasn’t made for me? All I’m saying is that it was the best two dollar find a girl good ask for as a celebration CD.

And I don’t want to know (the reasons why our love keeps…)

The only consistent thing in life is change

That’s what my yoga teacher said to me during my final shavasana.

Last night I headed to yoga, to a new studio that I bought a Groupon for. I wanted to go to this studio because it’s where one of my favorite yoga teachers, Trevor, teaches. I got a Groupon for $30 for 10 classes, which is basically a steal, and I’ve been putting off going since April.

I finally went last Monday (I promise I’ll get back to yesterday soon) when summer hours at my job started. I made the 4:30 class in the nick of time, fluster and hot. I walked in, and realized I was only one of five people in the class. The change in pace of a yoga class from 30 people to five is huge, and I was excited for such an opportunity. Usually the classes I go to are large, which definitely have a place in my practice, but with such a small class size the teacher can give personal attention which helps students grow in their practice, I think.

So anyways, I really liked the teacher I had last week, so I decided to go to the class again yesterday. I arrive at 4:32, rushing again, and as I put my stuff down and came around the curtain I realized I was the only student. So I used the bathroom, took my time to unwind my mat, and hoped someone else would show. Which they didn’t.

This ended up being my favorite class I’ve had yet in my practice. First, my teacher, Darby, asked me about how long I’ve been doing yoga. After talking about that for a few minutes, he asked me what I wanted to do. What I wanted to do? What?

I’d never been asked that question! So I thought about it for a minute. What do I have? Tight hips. Tight shoulders. What do I want to work on? Warrior two.

This is warrior two. I had a tendency to lean forward (Darby called this “surfer”) and I also have a tendency to not turn my back foot in a way that allows me to place my weight on the outside of my back foot. We did a lot of warrior two. I was sufficiently sore.

We also focused on pigeon, which is great for opening your hips! Basically you get yourself into the position above, then lift your heart out and forward, leaning over your front leg. We did this for so long I thought my hips would never be tight again, which resulted in a lot of sweating, but a lot of peace.

Another one we did for the hips was squat. This is great for those of us who work at a desk and have tight hips (coughnikkicough).

We ended the class with an inversion, which in my practice is shoulder stand. We did this for about two minutes (or so it seemed) until I was ready to get down into bridge.

After an hour and a half, during which I could not get away with cheating on a pose, I was sufficiently sweaty, literally dripping (which I am sure that you wanted to know.) My hips and shoulders are nice and loose today, and the class got me ready for an evening long with conversations to my bffs on another coast (cor and laur, try saying that ten times fast) who were lovely to hear from.

Today’s agenda includes yoga and a Chinese food dinner, followed by reminiscing about China with a few friends. This week is shaping up to be a stellar one.


Everything’s waiting for you…

Hello friends! I have been in and out over here at Providential Life, and have had some things in the works. I’m back now, and ready to tell all of you that I have gotten a new job! This is a bittersweet change, as I love my coworkers, and community I have built here, but ultimately it is a great change for me as I am going to work closer to home, and will be starting (hopefully) an adventure that’ll launch into a career!

This job was my first out of college, and the first thing I have ended that didn’t have a timeline. Being an adult, away from college (which you know will end) and retail jobs (which you hope will end) it feels overwhelming to make decisions for yourself, that affect everything from your doctor to where you get your morning coffee, to your yoga schedule (which I am working on.)

I am going to miss Liz, my soul sister. I am going to miss my bosses hilarious stories, both about work and family. I am going to miss my coworkers, working with children, and working in a community that is so friendly and welcoming. I am going to miss being called Ms. Palluzzi and miss plays, class events, and those delicious staff appreciate lunches.

I have learned so much from my job, and hope to just learn more as I embark on my new adventure. I am excited to lose 15 miles each way on my commute (that’s 30 miles a day, or my entire week’s commute as of July 12.) I am excited to have a fifteen minute drive, I am excited for working near friends (coffee breaks, here we come.) I am excited for new opportunities, new friendships, and a new environment to grow professionally and creatively.

Big things are happening here, friends. Here’s to new adventures near the summer solstice. Here we go.

got my rubber sandals (got my straw hat)

Summer’s here! Despite the fact that it is sixty-two here and cloudy, I know that June Gloom is on its way out and soon the morning will start seventy-five and sunny.

To celebrate, I took the day off. (Well no, not really. My friend Brandon is in town, and I took the day off to hang out with him. I figured since I haven’t really seen him for more than a few hours in like five years, we could have a day together.)

Once this marine layer burns off, Brandon, Jeff, and I will hit the town, seeing the Hollywood sign, seeing if our feet match Will Smith’s, and posing in front of the Beverly Hills sign. Or you know, eating tacos from a truck and then going to Diddy Reese’s. Or seeing the ocean and walking Santa Monica pier. Who knows. Lots of options to be had.

In the larger picture, last night at book club Rebecca said, “Did you know that July fourth is next weekend?”

“No, it’s not. It’s…next weekend!? What? What are we doing?” I proclaimed.

“Dockweiler? Beach day? It’s the third.” Chaos ensued, but not before we got it hammered out that we’d be headed to the beach for the day. Like always. I love a good summer tradition to get things started off right.

Circa 2009. Look at all that American love.

2010. I love this photograph because I’m pretty sure they were only partially aware it was being taken.

What are all of you doing for the summer?