Getting it together.

So this week has been busy, per usual, and I have been slowly letting things build up around here. Not so good for the morale.

With a special guest coming this weekend, and Andrew’s birthday party Saturday, I knew I had to get some things together before the weekend. So today, I emailed my eye doctor (I’ve been having contact-issues) AND I went to the podiatrist (who told me I need to do physical therapy for my big ole flippers.) My eye doctor told me how to fix the issue, and my physical therapy — something I never knew could help — starts Tuesday. For those of you who don’t know me that well, you might not know that I have plantar faciitis — aka no arches, and thus stretching of my plantar fascia, or one of the tendons in my foot.

Basically, this means that it’s painful for me to walk around, stand, and basically do anything involving my feet. Read: they basically hurt all the time. Jeff has been bugging me to go for weeks, since I  make him wrap ice packs on my feet all the time and then squirm in the icy pain that is an ice pack on your foot, and retrieve things for me once I’m wrapped up tightly and done squirming. And, while having Jeff’s service and reading trashing mags in the meantime has been nice, I figured maybe I needed a doc’s advice. So here we go onto physical therapy, some new shoes (again), and wait for it — new, full length orthotics.

My doc made me stick my foot in one of these:

And said, if we’re lucky, we’ll receive them in like 2 weeks. Lucky me. They’ll look like this:

Which is all good news, except that I am not too keen on finding flippers big enough to fit my size 10 foot into WITH a full length orthotic. Wish me luck…

Listen through silence.

I wanted to share a few song lyrics this week, but sometimes when you post something people assume that you’re feeling that way. So disclaimer: I am not experiencing this emotion, but rather the memory of it, which always stays raw. Also, this song’s emotion gets me every time, regardless of how I’m feeling.

“…until now, he told me her name. It sounded familiar in a way…”

“…mine was so easy to uncover/he’d already left with the other…”

“…wait for me/I’m almost ready/when he meant let go…”

– Sara Bariellles, Between the Lines

Andrew's birthday adventure

Hi babies!
How are you? I miss each and everyone of my readers (even those I don’t know) and I am sorry I’ve been absent. I have to get better on work life balance, but for now, sporadic JP is better than none, yes?

So yesterday was Andrew’s birthday.

This is Andrew, Corelyn, and me at Corelyn’s birthday.

Andrew wanted Five Guys for his birthday, and so to Five Guys we went. It is in Carson, CA, so it was an adventure!

This is a Five Guys. Delicious.

Then we may or may not have search the area for a DQ, and found one in Redondo beach. Following that lovely ordeal (involving us laughing so hard I was worried one of us was going to bust) we got off the 405 at the nearest Best Buy, and Andrew and Jeff looked around while Corelyn and I ate our DQ and tried not to look suspicious.

Jeff got Andrew Mario Bros for Wii.

We played for a while, and since I was the only one who had played before, I kept explaining things, my favorite of which was, “Corelyn, just….hit ‘A’….BUBBLE….BUBBLE!”

Have you played? You’d know what I was talking about! If you are about to die, you put yourself in a bubble, and then float to your co-players, and they pop you out. It is excellent.

I must say, playing with Andrew, Corelyn, and Jeff is fun (and less stressful) than playing with Nikita and Jon and the rest of the Palluzzi clan (sorry guys!) because it is less stressful, and everyone waits for everyone else.

But, I must say, I missed a room full of yelling siblings last night.

Anyways, it was a pretty good birthday. Happy Birthday, Andrew. Rematch tonight.

Home for dinner?!

I arrived home tonight at 5:59. I cannot remember the last time I got home before 6, and I barely knew what to do with myself.

So I did what comes natural, of course: made a delicious dinner.

I had a half of red onion. In it went.

Cast of characters: 3 carrots, a head of broccoli, 1 tomato (that I may or may not have dropped on the way home from the farmer’s market.)

I added two garlic chicken sausages, because I love them, and some cloves of garlic, too.

Mmmmmm good!!

Over pasta, per usual.

I added some mexican cheese and parm cheese, and ate it too fast to show you.

Then I watched all the episodes I had missed of Law and Order:SVU. Now I am watching Ellen. And what, what, what, could be better than that, guys?