My heart losing ground (slowing down)

The other night I went with two of my Kasteel Muffins (the ladies I studied abroad with) to Amoeba. Traci and Caitlin had never been, and I was horrified. After a full day (including the Getty Center, pictures to come) we headed to Amoeba, myself ready to buy nothing.

I bought:

– Tantric’s “Tantric”
– An old James CD I didn’t have, “New Moon Shine”
– Finlay MacDonald’s CD (Celtic)
– Paul Simon’s “Surprise”
– Aqualung’s “Strange & Beautiful”

Five new CDs. $13.13. Lucky me. 🙂

San Gennaro Festival, LA

Corelyn called me yesterday to tell me, and Jeff texted me. “The Italian festival is here!” And indeed, it was. Last night we checked it out, and it was everything this Italian could ask for, and more.


This is the band that was playing. They were great, and got lots of people dancing, as you can see.


This is the three of us on the way to watch bocce ball for a while.



This is where you put a pin in wherever you are from in Italia. Jeff and I had to participate.


I made a comment about how I thought the Palluzzis where from outside Roma, but I wasn’t sure about the Iannuccis. Which prompted the woman to go, “Oh my god, Iannucci? I-A-N-N-U-C-C-I? Stop it. Do you know Rudy?” To which I said, “I’m not sure, where is he from?” to which she said “He lives in New Jersey.” To which I said, “I don’t know, maybe, I’m from back east.” And she proceeded to tell the other man working the both, “Oh my gawd, she’s from back east. Hon, write your name down. Write down you’re email. He’ll email ya.”




And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without running into my own family at the Festival, basically the only other Italians I know in California.


Photo of the Italian’s on the way out…Corelyn, I think, learned a lot.

We all knew it was coming.

Guys. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA.
If you remember last fall you’ll remember it’s quite busy at my job in the fall. No excuses: pressing on. Anyways, I wanted to let you know some exciting news. After pestering a bit and lots of encouragement, Corelyn and I have decided to start a food, life, love blog. I will continue to post here, but occasionally I’ll point you to there to enjoy food photography, recipes, etc. We’re excited to be starting a project together, and we’re excited to share it with you. We hope you’re excited, too.

Garlic, My Soul.

A letter to Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC)

Dear Representative Wilson,

I am shocked, appalled, and horrified by your outburst during President Obama’s address to Congress last night. Your failure to positively represent yourself, your constituents, and your country is a sign of your inability to do your job. As a professional, I hope that you recognize your mistake, apologize, and resign from your position. No representative of the United States should be allowed to continue his representation after completely lacking in sound judgement when being viewed by his entire country, not to mention international viewers.

I hope you heed the advice I have given you, and hope for you that after your resignation the media reminds the world that your behavior, both uncalled for and offensive, will not be tolerated. Unfortunately you chose the exact wrong place and time to voice your opinion. I hope in the future you practice your freedom of speech in a respectful, professional manner, and hope you learn from your grave mistake.


Jennie P.
Los Angeles, CA
Represented by Diane E. Watson