I said, “remember this moment”

Paso Robles, 5/27-28, 2012

Fancy dinner. Fancy wine. Laughing friends. A town green, a beautiful town, beautiful country. Photo shoots in the middle of the road. In the middle of nowhere. Coffee in three shades, wine in endless combinations. Tasting room at the top of the world. Olive oil to die for. Dogs, veterans, and “I don’t charge for tastings…how can you charge someone to taste something they’ll never had?” Turkey vultures, orioles, mockingbirds, wrens. Egrets. Checking the map, checking the guide, tours. Heart Castle, two pools, and more laughing. History before your eyes, both man made and natural. No zebra spotting, but oh, how we tried. Mistresses and celebrities, and stairs, and Andy, leading us through the kitchen. And oh, that kitchen. Industrial everything, and someday I want. Snacks in the car, the ocean, the sunshine, wheat in fields, orange birds, the best sandwiches ever, and more wine. Best friends, memories that’ll always be there, omelettes and coffee, always more coffee.

Thanks to Jeff for the photos…more here.