Cookware, and turkey, and golden pine cones.

Hello kids! I’m sorry I’ve been absent. I have been fairly busy over at GMS getting that blog under control. Tomorrow is our biggest day of the year: Thanksgiving.

Because I’ll be over there blogging tomorrow, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on this year so far.

This year has been crazy, both in good ways and sad ways. I’ve gained a brother. I’ve lost an uncle. I got to see my sister get married. I saw some friends bury other friends. Garlic, My Soul has exploded. Corelyn moved away.

This morning, before a busy day at work and a busy day at home, I decided I needed to do some yoga to energize my day. By the time I got home, I realized I needed another round to keep me going. And ten minutes of meditation.

After that, I could breathe deeply and get through an evening of cooking before another busy day tomorrow. And now, as I sit on the couch waiting for Corelyn to arrive, I wanted to go over what we were thankful for last year – we wrote ’em on a big ole piece of white butcher paper:

Good friends on both coasts! * Megan getting smashed (and maybe slapping ET) * GJH (and his patience) * I got a job! * The color purple! * Perspective * health & happiness <3 * A full gluten-free plate! * WINE + 3 * My LA friends * Color coded oven schedules + 1 * Jeffrey. In general. * Friends that roll with the punches and stick by you no matter what + 1 * Corelyn + turkey * Wonderful Friends and Family! * Justin Timberlake * JT + <3 + hand holding * Golden pine cones * Jeff + garlic bread * My mom and brothers * Castle ladies + travel * Mary + photos + 1 * Ellen + the gym + yoga * Melissa + GF cooking * Meat! * My new LA family! * scarves! * Being alive * Harry Potter * Brand new apartments * Slapsgiving – -Legendary! + 4 * Friends who are amazing cooks! * Cookware * Rebecca’s back rubs * Rebecca + hair + makeup * OTHER ASIAN! * We get to keep the pinecones! * Megan + twin day! * Google Docs + 1 * Corelyn + Jennie’s food blog <3 * Thanksgiving with friends! * Youth! * AZNS + 1 * My brother is working his s*** out + 1 * Coffee * Jeopardy! *

This year, I’m thankful for most of those things, and more, much more. And I can’t wait to share tomorrow with my LA family for the fourth year running. I’m thankful to be cooking a turkey for all of my family here, and thankful that Corelyn could make it, and that 19 others can make it, too. I am thankful for this modern love: friends becoming family, partners and boyfriends and girlfriends and sisters and brothers all becoming your best friend on the day of giving thanks. Traditions of writing thanks, blogging, crossword puzzles, coffee, parades, video chatting with family, and eating turkey, mashed potatoes, way too much pie, and snuggling up for a post-eating nap.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

the red cup, and other holiday signs.

I believe I saw a red cup this morning.

You know how I feel about red cups.  Right, you know about my feelings towards them? Three years running?

At least today it’s only 73 degrees, not the 80 it has been the past few years on the day I discovered the red cup.

Picture to come, when I actually visit Starbucks and see if it’s true.

Meanwhile, some other things:

1. Corelyn is coming to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. I will be posting more in depth about this on GMS, but I wanted you to know.

I haven’t seen this girl since May, and I am so excited to have her around for three days!!!

2. Thanksgiving is coming, and we’re getting our menu ready. New kind of turkey, new venue, and new friends. What could be better?

3. Hello, it’s NOVEMBER? What? I can’t believe it. Also: my office is participating in Movember, as is Jeff. Pictures to come.

4. The Head and the Heart.

5. It’s 11:11 on 11/1/11.